Christianna Reynoldson

A Creative Dreamer In Transition

Who the heck am I?

I founded NinjaHELL! Productions in February of 2007. The goal was to create content and games that would make the world seem like a safer, more caring place and encourage others to think critically about the structures and systems that exist in our world.I am transitioning in more ways than one though - not only did I come out of the closet as a trans woman in 2021, I am looking to create new content and connections. I know I needed a hand to reach out to me and let me know everything was going to be okay when I was struggling with my identity, and I would like to focus on working in a field and creating content that can fulfill that role for others.

The heck should we talk about?

I have you covered. Adulting and connecting can be hard. But these are easy topics to bond with me over.

  • Anything Final Fantasy XIV, especially Eureka, Bozja, and relic hunting!

  • I love Friendly Local Game Stores, especially Wonko's Toys and Games in Austin, Texas.

  • Best TTRPG? Troika! You can play as a literal dragon who is also a dungeon that can be explored by the other players.

  • Pasta is the best carb. While I will not be fielding any questions about it, I will talk your head off about pasta in general.

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